Our Partners
SHP is committed to open, honest and fair business relationships and seeks partners who share these values.

During its operations the company complies fully with the relevant European and U.S. directives, Hungarian and Romanian laws and regulations and local decrees.
SHP speaks clearly about its activities and believes that transparency is reinforced by the confidence of acting lawfully.

SHP builds on the integrity of its business partners

The company expects its suppliers and contractors and, in general, all business partners to operate according to the highest industrial and legal standards.

SHP believes that the benefits of market competition accrue to the whole community

SHP is convinced that, if conditions of fair competition prevail, they will underpin a successful, growing business, providing employment, partnership and tax benefits to the community.

Our Shared Community
SHP honors and safeguards the conditions of the local communities where it operates

The company expresses its respect for people and communities through exercising the smallest possible footprint on the environmental, social and historical conditions of the community.

SHP aspires to be a fair partner of the representatives of the local community

The company seeks partnership with regional and local authorities, municipalities and their representatives to build a system of cooperation and everyday coexistence. Partnership is based on realization, acceptance and bridging of differences in values and interests. Cooperation is built on the enhancement of the value of the local community, strengthening of cohesion within and with the community and contribution to local and regional development.

Our Environment
SHP considers respect for the environment a priority

SHP not only abides by the relevant European, national and local regulations but constantly searches for technologies that are in the forefront of environmentally friendly drilling and exploration activities.

SHP follows a transparent reporting system in the event of accidental damage to the environment

In the event an incident occurs during exploration activity or production operations, the company offers transparent and timely reporting, and full partnership with the relevant authorities and community in order to rectify the situation.